What is Quizlet and How to Use it to Create Interactive Flashcards and Quizzes? - Educators Technology (2023)

Quizlet is a web tool and a mobile app that boosts students learning through a number of study tools that include flashcards and game-based quizzes. As a teacher, you can create your own class on Quizlet and share study sets with your students. You can either design your study sets from scratch or search for pre-made sets to customize and use in your teaching.

If you have not already tried it, Quizlet is definitely a great game-based learning tool with huge educational potential. However, most of the really great stuff in Quizlet is provided in the premium plan including the ability to track students progress and create unlimited classes.

The purpose of this post is to introduce you to Quizlet and show you how it works. In doing so, you will get to learn the following:

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Quizlet: Teaching activities

There are several ways to use Quizlet in your teaching. For instance, you can use it to conduct formative assessment in your class. You can create polls, surveys, or game based quizzes to test students comprehension of a concept you taught them. You can then analyze their responses to identify areas where learning problems happen and where individualized intervention is needed.

Also, based on your analysis of students feedback, you can modify your teaching strategies, customize your lesson plans in order to address students learning problems in a more effective way. Other similar tools to use for game-based formative assessment includeKahoot, Blooket,Quizizz,and Quizalize.

You can also use Quizlet in language learning to foster students vocabulary and enhance their overall grasp of the target language. Create interactive flashcards focused on specific language terms and invite students to work on them individually or in groups. Or, delegate this task to students and let them create and share flashcards with each other while you monitor the whole process.

Another key area to target using Quizlet is the learning of grammar. Create tests where students are required to use their grammatical knowledge of the target language to answer questions correctly. In this way, students will get to practice their grammar and hone in their writing skills.

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Quizlet can be used across different school subjects. For instance, math and chemistry teachers can draw on the gaming principles of Quizlet to facilitate the learning of abstract and complex scientific concepts. Quizlet editor includes a wide variety of mathematical symbols, signs, and calculations which can be easily integrated into study sets.

Science teachers can use Diagram sets to create labelled images and illustrative visuals to explain hard to grasp science processes. Similarly, social studies teachers can create flashcards and game-based quizzes to test students geographical and historical knowledge, etc.

Quizlet login

To be able to make the best of Quizlet you need to open an account. You have different sign-up options to choose from. You can sign up using your Facebook, your Google account, or your custom email and password (personally, I do not like to tie my social media accounts to other platforms). Once you sign up, log in to start creating and sharing study sets.

How to set up a class on Quizlet?

You can easily create classes on Quizlet and add students to them. To create a class:

  • Log in to your Quizlet account
  • Click on Classes and select Create a class
  • Type in a name for your class and a description
  • Check whether you want to allow students to add study sets and new members (you probably do not need to enable this feature)
  • Select a school and click on Create a class.

Once your class is created, you can start sharing study sets with your students. You can either add an existing study set or create a new one. When you add study sets to your class you can choose whether you want to enable students to edit them or not by clicking on Allow class to edit.

What are study sets?

There are two types of study sets: a list of terms paired with their matching definitions, and a set of questions with their corresponding answers. A study set can include the following elements: text, images, diagrams, and recorded audio. Diagram sets are interactive images that you create by adding terms and optional definitions. You can only add one diagram image per set. Also, diagrams are only available for premium subscribers.

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How to create a study set?

To create a study set, login to your Quizlet account, and click on Create. Type in a title and a description then enter your terms-definition pairs. Often times, when you start typing your terms Quizlet provides suggestions based on study sets provided by other users. If the suggestion matches your term click on it to add it.

The same with adding definitions. You can also add images to your study sets by clicking on the Image button at the right hand side. Quizlet provides suggestions for images to include or you can simply upload your own.There is also the possibility to import terms-definition pairs using Word, Excel, or Google Docs.

How to search for study sets

You can search for pre-made study sets that are publicly available in Quizlet library. Simply go to Quizlet homepage, select Search and type in your query and press Enter. Use filters (e.g., diagram sets, classes, textbooks, courses, or users) to narrow down your search. When you find the study set you are interested in click on its title to make a copy to edit and share with your students.

Once your study set is ready you have access to different sharing options including: sending it directly to someone using their email address, sharing it through generated link, sharing it directly on Google Classroom, sharing on Remind, among others.

Quizlet student login

Here is how students can join your class. From within your Class click on Members from the top bar. Next, copy the generated link and share it with students. Anyone that clicks on that link can sign up and join your class automatically.

The second way students can join your class is by asking to join. To do that, students go to your (teacher) Quizlet profile, select the class they want to join and click on Request to join this class. You will get a notification when they do and you can grant them access to your class.

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How can students study on Quizlet?

When you share study sets with students, they (students) have 8 ways to work on them: five study modes and three activities/games.

The study modes are:

The five study modes provided by Quizlet are:

  • Flashcards mode: Students review terms and questions using flashcards the same way they would do using a standard flashcard tool such as Easy Notecards.
  • Learn mode: “Answer questions that get progressively harder. This study mode creates a personalized study sequence based on your familiarity with the content and helps you master everything you need to know.”
  • Write mode:Students answer questions through writing.
  • Spell mode: Students type the words and definitions they hear. This is especially useful for studying spelling or practicing a new language.
  • Test mode: Students answer different types of questions.


Game activities provided by Quizlet are:

  • Match: In this game, students ‘Race against the clock to match terms and definitions as quickly as they can.’
  • Gravity: Students type “answers quickly to stop asteroids from hitting your planet. As you progress through the levels, asteroids start falling faster. This game is currently available on the website only.”

What is Quizlet Checkpoint

Checkpoint is an interesting way for teachers to conduct quick formative assessments in class.”These quick activities provide rich feedback to inform future lesson plans and offer a quick way to engage students in material in real time.”

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What is Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live is a collaborative classroom game to use with students to boost their learning. Quizlet Live supports two game modes: a Teams mode (students play in randomly assigned groups) and an Individual mode (students play against each other). Check outQuizlet Live guide to learn more about how to use it with your students.

Is there a Quizlet app?

Yes, Quizlet has a mobile app that that is available in both Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Is Quizlet free?

Quizlet offers both free and premium plans. The free plan is limited in terms of the features it provides. The premium version offers more features including the ability to track students progress, create unlimited number of classes, scan documents to create study sets, access to solutions from over 10.000 textbooks and many more.

Sources and video tutorials

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  3. How to create Quizlet flashcards in 2 minutes (Education Solutions Online)
  4. Quizlet Live – Formative Assessment Game (Technology for Teachers and Students)


What is Quizlet and How to Use it to Create Interactive Flashcards and Quizzes? - Educators Technology? ›

Quizlet is a web tool and a mobile app that boosts students learning through a number of study tools that include flashcards and game-based quizzes. As a teacher, you can create your own class on Quizlet and share study sets with your students.

What is Quizlet and how does it work? ›

Quizlet takes information and converts it into flashcards, quizzes, and games, so that users can study the same information in a variety of forms. And users aren't constrained to using just text – images and audio are easy to include in study materials.

How can I utilize Quizlet in teaching learning? ›

Here are six ways you can put this program into action in your classroom:
  1. Vocabulary study. You (or your students) can create digital flash cards by putting the vocabulary word on one side and the definition on the other. ...
  2. Review specific skills. ...
  3. Assessment. ...
  4. Differentiation. ...
  5. Collaboration. ...
  6. Quizlet Live.
Aug 28, 2019

How can Quizlet be used in the classroom? ›

There are several ways to use Quizlet in your teaching. For instance, you can use it to conduct formative assessment in your class. You can create polls, surveys, or game based quizzes to test students comprehension of a concept you taught them.

What are the features of Quizlet? ›

Quizlet is a gamified online learning tool and flashcard solution which provides teachers with a range of learning materials, classroom games, and study sets. The web-based platform also offers native apps for iOS and Android, allowing students to learn and study from anywhere at any time.

Does Quizlet help with tests? ›

94% of students who use Learn or Test say that Quizlet helps them get better grades.

Why is Quizlet good for learning? ›

Quizlet can figure out what material you're struggling with and just focus on that. It can also verify what you know and coach you to only stop studying when it thinks you're ready.” Recently, they launched Quizlet Live for students to work in teams during class.

What is the importance of Quizlet in teaching? ›

If students need to memorize facts, Quizlet is an ideal tool that removes some of the drudgery while adding some handy features. Teachers can ask students to use Quizlet on their own time as homework or to create their own custom flash card sets for Quizlet Live competitions.

What is the advantage of Quizlet for the students? ›

Quizlet provides a way for students to continually review critical vocabulary words for a unit of study. It also provides a platform to review vocabulary in a whole class environment and make it into a competitive game, where students can work on their own or team up with others to win.

What is Quizlet flashcards? ›

Quizlet is a web-based tool that allows users to create study tools such as interactive flashcards, tests, and study games. With Quizlet, students can choose their own “Study Mode.” This allows activity content to be migrated from flashcards to matching games to other types of study games easily and responsively.

Is Quizlet good for flashcards? ›

Anki and Quizlet are both widely renowned flashcard apps. Quizlet is popular for its ease of use and impressive variety of premade decks, while Anki is prized among hardcore studiers for its spaced repetition model and high level of customization.

Does Quizlet have flash cards? ›

Additionally, you can search for study sets that have already been created; (currently there are over 40 million flash card sets available, all of which can be accessed via Quizlet's website, as well as via dedicated iOS and Android apps).

Can professors see if you use Quizlet? ›

Websites like Quizlet are commonly used when taking online tests. Students simply copy the answer and paste it into the search engine of the browser. Most of the time, an answer on Quizlet will pop up. Professors are aware of this though, which is why some might chose to use software to catch cheating.

Can I use Quizlet for free? ›

How Much Does Quizlet Cost? Quizlet has a free option with limited features and a paid option called Quizlet Plus for about $48 per year. The paid version removes ads, lets you study offline, and includes the best features, including Quizlet Learn.

Is Quizlet really free? ›

The first is that Quizlet does not have a free plan. It only offers a free trial, which is 7 days. What's more, even if you get a Paid membership, you have to pay annually. In addition, Quizlet also has advertisements, and advertisements can easily be distracting, especially for younger students.

Is Quizlet app free? ›

90% of students say studying with Quizlet helps them get better grades and 85% of students report an improvement in their grades after using Quizlet. Download the app for free and join over 60 million students and teachers learning on the platform today!


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