Unrivaled TV Ratings: Antena 3 Dominates Prime Time with Stellar Shows (2023)

In the ever-evolving landscape of television viewership, Antena 3 continues to prove its prowess, securing a substantial 14.2% average rating on the night of November 15, 2023. Despite the strategic programming shifts made by its competitors, Antena 3 triumphed, reaffirming its standing as a powerhouse in the television industry.

The Triumph of "El Hormiguero" in Access Prime Time

At the forefront of Antena 3's success is the consistently outstanding performance of "El Hormiguero." In the early evening, the show once again asserted its dominance, achieving an impressive 17.2% rating. Hosted by Pablo Motos, the program has enjoyed a spectacular week in the access prime time slot, captivating audiences with engaging content.

Last night, a staggering 2,425,000 viewers tuned in to catch a glimpse of David Gandy, renowned as one of the world's most attractive models. Gandy, the face of Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue fragrance, added allure to the show, contributing to its undeniable appeal.

"Cristo y Rey" Soars in Prime Time

In the heart of prime time, the second episode of "Cristo y Rey" experienced a notable surge, reaching a 12.7% rating—a 0.7% increase from its debut. With 1,330,000 viewers entranced by the unfolding narrative, the series showcased its ability to captivate audiences, gaining an additional 134,000 viewers since its premiere.

Even in the late-night hours, the documentary series "Una vida Bárbara" asserted its dominance, surpassing competitors with a remarkable 11.6% rating and 669,000 viewers.

La 1 Faces Decline with "Cuéntame Cómo Pasó"

In contrast, La 1 grappled with a decline in viewership as the fifth installment of the final season of "Cuéntame Cómo Pasó" recorded a consecutive minimum rating. Hindered by the withdrawal of "4 estrellas" and the simulcast of "La noche en 24h" (6.8% and 946,000 viewers), the Alcántara family drama settled for a 10% rating and just over a million viewers (1,045,000). Within a week, the series witnessed a drop of 1.3 points and nearly 200,000 viewers.

Telecinco's Struggles and Highlights

Telecinco faced challenges on multiple fronts, as the post-news special hosted by Pedro Piqueras faltered with a meager 5.2% rating and 622,000 viewers. However, in the late-night segment, "GH VIP 8: última hora" achieved a 9% rating with 394,000 viewers, marking its highest share of the season.

Meanwhile, "First Dates" provided a welcome respite, garnering a 9% share and an impressive 1,263,000 viewers, reaching its peak season viewership.

La Sexta Shines in Political Discourse

La Sexta emerged victorious in the late-night hours, fueled by the heightened interest in Pedro Sánchez's investiture debate. "El intermedio" experienced a significant surge, achieving a 9.8% rating with almost 1.4 million viewers—its best performance in 2023. Building on this momentum, the special episode of "El objetivo" secured a notable 6.8% rating (619,000 viewers), surpassing its previous record.

Political Debates: A Ratings Battlefield

The debate of Pedro Sánchez's investiture proved to be a battleground for ratings across various channels. La 1 + 24 Horas, La Sexta, and Telecinco engaged in fierce competition, with each segment drawing substantial viewership. La 1 + 24 Horas led the morning with a 16.1% rating, while La Sexta's "Al rojo vivo" garnered an 11.5% share.

Network Rankings: Antena 3 Reigns Supreme

Antena 3's triumphant night propelled it to the top of the daily rankings, boasting a 14.2% average rating. Following closely, La 1 climbed to the second position, surging from 9.2% to 10.3%, fueled by the broadcast of Pedro Sánchez's investiture debate. The FORTA networks and pay-TV channels secured positions below, with 9.2% and 8%, respectively.


Antena 3's strategic programming decisions and stellar content continue to set it apart in the competitive landscape of television ratings. As "El Hormiguero" maintains its stronghold in access prime time, and gripping series like "Cristo y Rey" capture the audience's imagination, Antena 3 demonstrates its unwavering ability to captivate viewers and dominate prime time slots. With an impressive 14.2% average rating, Antena 3 stands as a beacon of success in the realm of television broadcasting.

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