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ESSA — Proven Results

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McREL Study Examines Effects of Raz-Plus on Reading Achievement and Motivation

Read about McREL International's rigorous study of the effects of Raz-Plus on reading skills and motivation to read.

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Independent Study: Raz-Plus and Reading Achievement in Students in Grades 3–5

This independent study in a large urban school district compared reading abilities in two student groups: one with Raz-Plus, one without.

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Tutoring Programs and Reading Achievement in Second-Grade Students

Read about second-grade students in rural schools who used Raz-Plus as part of their tutoring in this study.

Foundations A-Z Meets the Criteria for ESSA Level IV Evidence

LXD Research, an independent research firm, found, through interviews with product designers and evaluation of their research-informed activities, that Foundations A-Z demonstrates a rationale to be effective.

Writing A-Z Meets the Criteria for ESSA Level IV Evidence

LXD Research, an independent research firm, found, through interviews with product designers and evaluation of their research-informed activities, that Writing A-Z demonstrates a rationale to be effective.

Case Studies

School Where 45 Languages Are Spoken Raises Scores With Learning A-Z Products

This study examines how a school with 78% ELLs used Learning A-Z to improve performance and close achievement gaps.

Addressing the “Summer Slide” With Raz-Kids and Reading A-Z

This study asks whether at-risk students using Raz-Kids and Reading A-Z can overcome the “summer slide.”

Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids as Part of a District-Wide Literacy Plan

What happens when a large urban school district implements Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids for supplemental and intervention literacy instruction?

Raz-Plus and Early Reading Skills in Kindergarten Students

By including students with low pre-literacy skills, this study informs the field of potential prevention for future reading difficulties.

Raz-Kids and Developmental Reading in First-Grade Students

This case study examined how Raz-Kids impacted reading scores in first-grade students from economically disadvantaged families.

Reading A-Z and Literacy Skills in Title I School With ELL Majority

This case study addresses an implementation of Reading A-Z in a Title I school where two-thirds of students were English language learners.

Raz-Plus and Reading Proficiency in a Rural Elementary School

Examining Raz-Plus effects on economically disadvantaged students, this study compared reading proficiency in cohorts four years apart.

Research Base

Writing A-Z Research Guide

To be skilled writers, students need explicit instruction in foundational writing skills and strategies to communicate their ideas and understand a text. Writing A-Z provides explicit, evidence-based instruction and practice opportunities that enable students to develop strong foundational writing skills.

Foundations A-Z Research Guide

This guide highlights the research base and instructional design on which the Foundations A-Z literacy program was built, ensuring acquisition of foundational skills by students in Grades K-5.

Teaching the Foundations: Best Practices for Emergent Readers

This white paper addresses research on foundational literacy areas, including key areas identified as critical for emergent readers.

Reading to Learn: Going Beyond the Foundations

To help students learn from complex informational text, the focus of instruction shifts toward comprehension and analysis of text.

Teaching Science: Scientific Literacy and Inquiry

Scientific literacy requires learning fundamental scientific concepts and practices, terms that this white paper defines and explores.

Vocabulary Instruction: White Paper by Dr. Timothy Rasinski

Dr. Rasinski recommends improvements to typical vocabulary teaching methods, with principles for effective, engaging vocabulary instruction.

Effective Vocabulary Instruction

Vocabulary acquisition is a key component of literacy. This white paper describes several attributes of effective vocabulary instruction.

English Language Learning: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing in English

Raz-Plus ELL helps English language learners develop speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar skills in English.

Exceptional Learners: RtI, Special Education, and Gifted Students

Discussing research on giftedness, RtI, and special education, this paper also describes best practices for teaching exceptional students.

21st Century Skills: Preparing Students for Future Success

Learning A-Z resources promote critical thinking and teamwork, also addressing the crucial 21st century skills described in this white paper.

Reliably Teaching Children to Read

This peer-reviewed article distinguishes between programs claiming to be research-based and those following systematic research protocols.

Comprehension By Design

Learn how task analysis, content analysis, and concept analysis informed the design and development of Headsprout Reading Comprehension.

Thinking Through Text Comprehension: Part One

Find out about fundamental principles (garnered from the learning sciences) behind the design of Headsprout Reading Comprehension.

Thinking Through Text Comprehension: Part Two

The analysis of learning types, based on Tiemann and Markle’s categories of learning, is applied to reading comprehension in this paper.

Thinking Through Text Comprehension: Part Three

Read this paper for real-life examples of how Headsprout teaches investigative repertoires to answer inferential and vocabulary questions.

More Studies and Publications

Reading Motivation in English Language Learners Using Raz-Plus

Find out whether Raz-Plus affected motivation to read in these fifth-grade students learning English.

Raz-Kids and First Graders’ Reading Comprehension and Fluency

This experiment examined reading comprehension and reading fluency in students with learning disabilities who used Raz-Kids.

Reading Growth in Elementary School Students Following Tutoring Programs

Elementary school students with learning disabilities in rural communities worked to improve reading fluency.

Raz-Kids and Reading Accuracy in Second Graders

Second-grade students used Raz-Kids for independent reading practice in this study.

How Raz-Kids Impacts Third Graders’ Reading Comprehension and Attitude Toward Reading

Do students using Raz-Kids show increased reading comprehension and higher motivation to read? Find out in this master's thesis!

Research and Efficacy | Learning A-Z (2024)
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