Ivory Color: Hex Code, Palettes & Meaning | Figma (2024)

What color isivory?

Ivory is a shade of white with a hint of yellow, embodying warm and tranquil qualities. This creamy hue is reminiscent of its namesake, elephant ivory, evoking a soothing and gentlecharm.

Ivory Color: Hex Code, Palettes & Meaning | Figma (1)Ivory Color: Hex Code, Palettes & Meaning | Figma (2)

What does ivory look like on digital screens?

Ivory is defined by the following color codes and values to ensure consistency across various digital platforms anddevices.

  • HEX code: #FFFFE3
  • RGB value: 100% red, 100% green, and89%blue

Accessibility considerations play a crucial role in UX and UI design color choices. Figma offers plugins in the Community to make sure your designs meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

How should I effectively use ivory in UIdesign?

Here are some ways to use ivory in yourdesigns:

  • Create subtle depth. Ivory can appear more visually appealing than stark white, adding dimension and a sense of separation toUIelements.
  • Add warmth. Ivory’s hint of yellow undertones creates a slightly softer look than pure white, making it easier ontheeyes.
  • Convey elegance. White can often feel cold and sterile, but ivory’s subtle yellow undertones create a warm and classy interface. This makes it a great color choice for a sophisticated, high-end aesthetic.

Keep in mind that color and its meaning can change from culture to culture—and at any given time. If you are designing for a global audience, research color considerations for your specific regions.

What are similar colors toivory?

For variations within the same delicate spectrum as ivory, consider:

  • Cream (#FDFBD4) shares the same warmth with a tad moreyellow.
  • Beige (#EDE8D0) appears darker, capturing a sand-like appearance.
  • Champagne (#F7E6CA) brings a warmer touch with a subtle peachy undertone.
  • Off-white (#F2F0EF) takes a cooler turn with a slight grayhue.

What colors go withivory?

To complement ivory, consider pairing itwith:

  • Navy blue (#000080) creates a sophisticated and classic color combination when paired withivory.
  • Maroon (#550000) offers a richness that pairs well with the warmth ofivory.
  • Sage (#BBB791) has a soft green hue, creating a serene and earthypalette.
  • Lavender (#D3D3FF) adds to the tranquility of ivory, creating a serene and calming atmosphere.
  • Scarlet (#ED2100) adds a bold and vibrant pop against an ivory background.
  • Coral (#FF8559) creates a cheerful color combination, evoking a vibe similar to spring orsummer.

Other colors worth considering include black for a classic combination, gold for a luxurious vibe, and charcoal to add depth andcontrast.

What colors conflict withivory?

Ivory is a classic and versatile color that pairs well with many shades. Still, it mayclashwith:

  • White (#FFFFFF) has little visual contrast when paired withivory.
  • Seashell (#FFF1E7) can create a washed-out appearance nexttoivory.
  • Yellow (#FFFF00) creates a visually busy or jarring effect due to itssaturation.
  • Cool gray (#CBCBCB) may clash with ivory’s warmth, creating a discordant colorscheme.

What does ivory symbolize?

Ivory symbolizes elegance and sophistication. Its warm and inviting nature also represents tranquility, while its connection to the precious material ivory symbolizes wealth and luxury. Similar to white, ivory also carries connotations of purity andinnocence.

In color psychology, ivory carries calming qualities, evoking feelings of peace and serenity. It also stimulates cleanliness and simplicity, creating a comforting atmosphere.

Ivory’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for UI design. Its warm and neutral essence adds a touch of sophistication, creating an inviting atmosphere that’s easy on the eyes. When paired with other shades, ivory creates a calming backdrop that allows other UI elements tostandout.

What’s the history ofivory?

Ivory, predominantly sourced from the tusks of elephants, has been highly sought after throughout history for its use in carvings, sculptures, and even piano keys. Its organic origin adds to its allure and value. Because of its cost and rarity, owning ivory became a status symbol, signifying wealth andpower.

Around the 14th century, the term “ivory” emerged, reflecting the creamy white shade of the material. As concerns for the environmental impact of the ivory trade grew, the use of the material declined. Nevertheless, the color continues to exude luxury and sophistication, remaining a coveted choice in fashion anddesign.

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Color conversion

The hexadecimal color #FFFFE3, known as ivory, has RGB values of R:255 G:255, B:227 and CMYK values of C:0, M:0, Y:0.11,K:0.

RGB DECIMAL255, 255, 227RGB(255, 255, 227)
RGB PERCENTAGE100, 100, 89RGB(100%, 100%, 89%)
CMYK0, 0, 11, 0
HSL60°, 100, 94.5HSL(60°, 100%, 94.5%)
HSV (OR HSB)60°, 11, 100
CIE-LAB99.349, -4.643, 13.389
XYZ90.863, 98.326, 86.861
xyY0.329, 0.356, 98.326
CIE-LCH99.349, 14.171, 109.124
CIE-LUV99.349, 1.505, 20.929
HUNTER-LAB99.16, -9.965, 17.475
BINARY11111111, 11111111, 11100011
iOS - SwiftUIColor(red: 1, green: 1, blue: 0.89)
iOS - UIKitUIColor(red: 1, green: 1, blue: 0.89, alpha: 1)
Android - ComposeColor(0xFFFFFFE3)
Ivory Color: Hex Code, Palettes & Meaning | Figma (2024)
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