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Treetop Adventure Plus is all about the ‘more’. More speed, more air, more freedom, more height and more thrills.

Designed for children over 6 years and 1.2m, young explorers will head higher into the tree tops and put their skills to the test on crossings with added wobble and exposure.

From 2024, some Go Ape locations offer an ‘extension’ experience, whilst others are a ‘standalone’ experience with no elements of the course shared with others. Both are great fun and designed to take your adventure to the next level!

Treetop Adventure Plus ‘extension’ experiences begin on the Treetop Adventure course, before accessing the more challenging Treetop Adventure Plus sections of the course.

Find your nearest Go Ape Treetop Adventure Plus.

Looking for an adventure aimed at teens and adults? Check out Treetop Challenge.

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High Ropes for Older Children | Treetop Adventure Plus | Go Ape (1)

Adventure Overview

  • Minimum Age

    6 Years

  • Minimum Height

    1.2m (3ft 11")

  • Max Weight

    20.5 Stone (130kg)

  • Duration

    1 hour

  • Safety System

    Continuous Belay

  • Longest Zip


The Important Stuff

  • Suitable For
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7 Benefits of a Go Ape Adventure

Go Ape adventures are great fun, plus they provide a great physical and mental challenge. There are even more benefits to joining us on an outdoor activity. Find 7 of them here.

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High Ropes for Older Children | Treetop Adventure Plus | Go Ape (2)

High Ropes for Older Children | Treetop Adventure Plus | Go Ape (3)

Treat them to the ultimate forest adventure with a Treetop Adventure Plus Experience gift voucher

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High Ropes for Older Children | Treetop Adventure Plus | Go Ape (4)

For the sixth consecutive year, we have been recognised as world-leaders in health and safety practice, achieving the RoSPA Gold Leisure Safety Award. This is the highest possible accolade in what is the UK’s longest-running health and safety industry awards.

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South EastAlexandra Palace, North LondonSky-high antics meets London’s stunning skyline in one of the capital’s most iconic parks – Ally Pally.756 reviewsSouth EastAlice Holt Forest, SurreyGo Ape Alice Holt Forest is an adventurer’s paradise! Go skyward bounds in the South Downs.893 reviewsSouth EastBattersea Park, South LondonAn urban twist on treetop fun located in the heart of the capital at Battersea Park.893 reviewsSouth EastBedgebury, KentBedgebury offers you a world-renowned setting to your Go Ape experience. Enjoy a treetop view of one of the largest collections of conifers in the world.1157 reviewsSouth EastBlack Park, SloughThe ultimate pick and mix of woodland adventure with five adventures for you and your Tribe to choose from.1380 reviewsNorthBlackburn, LancashireLaunching this summer, Go Ape Blackburn will be the first stand-alone location for young explorers. 33494 reviewsSouth EastBracknell, Swinley ForestBe king of the trees in Swinley Forest. This is the Crown Estate of adventure. 1346 reviewsMidlandsCannock Chase, StaffordshireThe smallest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in mainland Britain, delivering big on treetop fun and adventure.1699 reviewsSouth EastChelmsford Hylands ParkGo Ape adventures have landed in Essex! Three incredible adventures in one amazing location, Hylands Park.33494 reviewsMidlandsCoventry, Coombe AbbeyBoasting an exclusive Alpine zip-to-zip, the Plummet: a 12-metre vertical drop, and Axe Throwing!88 reviewsScotlandDalkeith, EdinburghGo Ape's newest location north of the border features Scotland's first Go Ape with adventures for under 10s, plus, an epic Challenge course for older children and adults.33494 reviewsNorthDelamere Forest, CheshireChoose from 4 fun adventures in Delamere Forest, Cheshire. 1468 reviewsSouth WestForest of Dean BeechenhurstMake magical family memories in this special forest location, just a 10-minute drive from Go Ape Mallards Pike, Forest of Dean. 1618 reviewsSouth EastLeeds Castle, KentExperience freedom, air space and forest on the longest zip wire ride in the south east.1721 reviewsSouth EastMoors Valley, BournemouthAward-winning treetop and Segway adventure on the Dorset/Hampshire border. 1579 reviewsMidlandsSalcey Forest, NorthamptonshireUnleash family adventures at Go Ape Salcey Forest, the 37th and newest location. Now open!33494 reviewsMidlandsSherwood Pines, NottinghamshireGo Ape Sherwood Pines packs a punch with six brilliant outdoor adventures to get stuck into. 2216 reviewsSouth EastSouthampton, HampshireGet the heart thumping and blood pumping in one of the South’s highest Go Ape courses.698 reviewsSouth EastThetford Forest, SuffolkHome to the first ever Go Ape – the mother ship of everything adventure.2071 reviewsNorthTemple Newsam, LeedsNestled in historic estate grounds with a 500-year-old mansion and picturesque woodlands, you'll feel like a Lord or Lady and would never know you're 4 miles from the centre of Leeds.670 reviewsSouth EastWendover Woods, BucksHead to the highest point in the Chilterns where your Go Ape adventure awaits you.571 reviewsNorthWhinlatter Forest, Lake DistrictWhinlatter brings sheer drama, as one of our highest Go Ape locations. 485 reviews

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High Ropes for Older Children | Treetop Adventure Plus | Go Ape (120)
High Ropes for Older Children | Treetop Adventure Plus | Go Ape (2024)
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