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FedEx’s Corporate Office in the United States is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. Below are details about FedEx’s corporate office, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company.

How To Contact FedEx Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

FedEx Corporate Office: Overview

  • Fedex HQ Address: 942 South Shady Grove Road, Memphis, TN 38120, USA
  • Fedex Mailing Address: PO BOX 1935 Provo, UT 84603-9926
  • Fedex Corporate Headquarters Phone Number: 1-901-818-7500
  • Customer Service Number: 1-800-463-3339
  • Website:
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Maps and Directions To Fedex Headquarters In Memphis, Tennessee

FedEx’s Competition

FedEx competes with companies like UPS, DHL, Amazon and USPS. Fedex is also facing competition from ecom shipper, Ontrac.

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Undelivered packages

November 18, 2023

I was expecting a delivery on Friday, November 17th. I was home all day to accept delivery. I received a notification at 3:43 pm stating that a delivery attempt was made. According to the notification, there was no one home or business was closed. However, I was home all day and the door bell never rang or driver did not knock at door. I have two Ring cameras, a Ring door bell as well as a camera that shows the entire front of the house including the street. In addition, I also have a dog that would have alerted had anyone come to the door as this is a normal behavior for her. I reviewed my Ring cameras and there was no evidence that a FedEx delivery truck ever stopped or came near the house during the entire day. I can provide you with evidence for the entire day. This is the second time that this situation has occurred in the past 3 or 4 months. This is totally unacceptable and extremely poor customer service. I attempted to file a complaint on the phone but felt that issue was minimized by your staff.

Jorge E Grandela

Fedex Insurance Issue

May 1, 2024

Be aware that if a Fedex truck/driver damages your property you will be denied recourse on the flimsiest of reasons. After a delivery, the driver backed into a retaining wall and shifted some of the rocks. We heard the crash and looked out our front window to see the driver attempt to shove the rocks back into place. Since that was impossible he got back in the truck and drove away. I contacted Fedex and went through the process of filing a claim. I explained what happened (via e-mail) and sent the requested information, pictures and repair estimates. After a time, we received a letter saying our claim was “unsupported” and the driver says he didn’t hit the wall. It was suggested we contact our insurance company! Also, no agent from the company ever came to our property to personally examine the damage. So I repeat – be aware that Fedex does not treat your property with respect.

Annabel Becker

Fedex Delivery Issue Lowell AR

January 29, 2024

Disorganized delivery and package alerts! My package has been delayed for days due to the weather! In the same local area where I live! There have not been any significant issues in a week. The mail runs daily and I see UPS running the routes in my area. Even Amazon vans are driving by my house and I live on a gravel road!!! So they are giving us lame excuses for late deliveries. Not happy with this company at all. My deliveries come out of Lowell, Arkansas.


Fedex Delivery Issue

January 28, 2024

Someone had a bad day! The delivery driver( Michelle) must of already had things going wrong that day as she had rushed backing up in our driveway. Thus knocking down the stand up freezer she was delivering to us that day. My husband was was standing outside when this all occurred, and was waving his arms trying to get her to slow down before she hit him and our car. She finally stopped and took a short time to open the back door to the truck. Her yelling brought me outside. She had the freezer standing at the back door and the bottom of the box was broken and my husband told her he needed to check it out before it was taken off the truck. She then yelled and said that the freezer was coming off the truck we ordered it and we were taking it. My husband just had heart cauterization and it was put through his right arm, she pushed the freezer at my husband to my horror if he didn’t catch it it would of hit the ground. She said the freezer wasn’t going back on the truck and she called Josh and said we were in a conflict with the delivery drivers the day before.

I also got a call from a Michelle yelling at me about the incident and told me she didn’t care if my husband had a heart cauterization, was in a wheel chair etc.. he had no right treating the driver that way . Problem is our neighbors heard her down out back and was wondering what was going on.

We never said anything to the other drivers except to thank them for bringing the product we ordered up to the front porch. Now we are a security risk and they WILL NOT deliver to our house again. Question is if a driver is having a bad day why is it the customer has to pay the price for it?

Marla Neal

Fedex Refrigerated Delivery Issue

January 27, 2024

Non-delivery! Expected refrigerated medical package at 12:30 per delivery instructions. At 12:01 I was outside walking the property when I saw Fedex truck driving past my driveway. A couple of hours later I checked my tracking number and it stated that delivery was delayed due to the business being closed or no one at home. I’m not a business and we were at home. called customer service, managers and supervisors not taking calls due to a lot of packages needing tending, my guess is they were at home awaiting the football game or in the back laughing at the customers who complained and couldn’t do anything about it. I had the same problem a little over a year ago for refrigerated medication not being delivered on time called customer service and they said they would put it in cold storage. When I received the package finally I had to reorder due to heat damage and lateness of delivery.


Fedex Corporate Office Headquarters HQ (2024)
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